Elgato Prompter: Disrupting the Teleprompter Market with Innovation with $279.99

Elgato, known for its innovative products in the world of content creation, has recently launched a game-changing device that’s set to shake up the teleprompter market. The new Elgato Prompter is an all-in-one teleprompter solution designed to work seamlessly with a variety of devices, including webcams, digital cameras, and iPhones. Priced at an enticing $280, it not only provides affordability but also brings some unique features to the table. Let’s delve into the details and see how Elgato’s Prompter is poised to make a significant impact in this space.

A Single-Piece Teleprompter Solution

The Elgato Prompter offers a comprehensive teleprompter solution within a single unit. At its core, it boasts a 9-inch monitor that sets it apart from many other teleprompters in the same price range. Typically, teleprompters in this category often require users to utilize their own iPads or iPhones as the display for presenting scripts.

What makes the Elgato Prompter stand out is its ability to function as an additional monitor. Elgato claims that it “automatically mirrors any app, file, or browser you move onto its screen.” This feature essentially allows you to drag and display applications from your Mac’s screen onto the Prompter’s monitor. This versatility resembles the functionalities of Universal Control or Sidecar, which Mac users are already familiar with. Any application can be seamlessly displayed on the monitor, providing greater flexibility for content creators.

Active Connection to Your Computer

One standout feature of the Elgato Prompter is its active connection to your computer, be it a Mac or PC. It utilizes a USB-C cable to plug directly into your computer, which allows the teleprompter software to run on your machine. Elgato leverages Camera Hub, an app previously used for adjusting the Facecam webcam, for this purpose.

Additionally, the Prompter can be controlled through the Stream Deck, which makes it an ideal choice for presentations on platforms like Zoom. However, it’s worth noting that the device does not come with a remote control. As a result, pausing or playing a scrolling teleprompter script currently relies on your Mac’s mouse, keyboard, or trackpad.

For users seeking a hands-free experience, Elgato offers the Stream Deck Pedal, which, in theory, could be used to pause and play teleprompter scripts with a simple tap of the foot. Strangely, though, the $80 Stream Deck Pedal is not included in Elgato’s suggested bundles.

Part of the Elgato Ecosystem

The Elgato Prompter is designed to be compatible with other products within the Elgato ecosystem. This means it can be purchased either as a standalone product or as part of various custom bundles. However, it’s important to note that the Prompter does not come with a tripod, so users may need to separately purchase some form of mounting solution.

Elgato offers two rig mounts in their bundles: the Telescope mount priced at $40 and the Low Profile Arm at $99. While these extras are essential for securing the Prompter, users are not limited to Elgato-branded mounts. The device is versatile and can be attached to various standard mounts.

Prospects and Concerns

The Elgato Prompter presents an enticing proposition for content creators, especially at its affordable price point. However, its real-world effectiveness will depend significantly on the performance of the Elgato Camera Hub app.

One noticeable drawback is the absence of a remote control, which may inconvenience some users. Additionally, it’s yet to be seen if the Camera Hub app can utilize a camera’s microphone to adjust the scrolling speed of the teleprompter based on the presenter’s rate of speaking.

Availability and Pricing

The Elgato Prompter is available directly from the manufacturer for a competitive price of $279.99. This accessible pricing, combined with its feature set, makes it a compelling choice for those in need of a versatile and user-friendly teleprompter solution.

In summary, Elgato’s Prompter has the potential to disrupt the teleprompter market by offering a cost-effective, all-in-one solution with unique features. While there are some concerns regarding remote control and audio integration, its affordability and compatibility with the Elgato ecosystem make it an attractive choice for content creators. With the Elgato Prompter, Elgato continues to solidify its reputation for delivering innovative tools for content creation.



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